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Our BUTCHER AND Chef is called Michael Museth

Who Am I? My name is Michael Museth and I am a trained butcher and have worked as a chef, both in elite and catering settings. I have been an entrepreneur for the past nineteen years, I have had my own café and deli in the Danish town of Aarhus, and for the past sixteen years I have run a catering company in Copenhagen.

I met a girl... the story is classic, but I never looked back... Today, my life has been enriched with three children and a magnificent network of amazing, professional and knowledgeable people. People’s Food House was founded on a dream and a frustration: a dream of teaching coming generations to cook with quality ingredients, because I find it appalling that so many young people are unable to prepare a proper meal. And a frustration that it is almost impossible to find decently priced food that is not pumped full of preservatives and other additives. That is where the People’s Food House hopes to be able to make a difference.

My own upbringing did not include a culinary education, and then again, because I remember the first time I cooked the family dinner: Irish stew. I was probably around 12 or 13 years old, and it was an exciting experience to be in charge of everything: shopping, cooking, the dirty dishes and, not least, the family’s response to my efforts. In my recollection, the meal was an unmitigated success, but then, that’s the nice thing about starting out at home. It ensures a more tolerant audience and more forgiving reviews.

The mealtime experiences I remember best from my youth were shared with my granddad. He introduced me to traditional and regional dishes. My grandmother did the cooking, but the enthusiasm associated with sinking my spoon into a brimming bowl of pea soup was most definitely handed down to me from my granddad. Many is the time I was enticed to come over by the promise of fried pig’s tails with red fruit jelly for afters. My grandmother was a wizard in the kitchen, and whatever she needed, my granddad would procure – as long as he did not have to play any part in the preparations.

 Why am I bringing my grandparents into this story?  When my grandmother quietly passed away, my granddad not only lost his life’s companion. He also lost access to good food. He was unable to cook for himself, and along with the love of his life, he also lost the joy associated with a good meal. That made a profound impression on me: It’s tough enough to lose one, but if you lose both at the same time, you are lost. This is the legacy I hope to pass on to my own children: that even in the darkest moments, a special dish can create a warm feeling inside you and perhaps even ease the pain.

Our Vision

The People’s Food House aims to campaign for pure products at affordable prices, prevent traditional methods from disappearing and change coming generations’ relationship with food.

A meal is pleasure, sharing and community, and knowing and being able to prepare commonplace ingredients is a useful skill for life. Like being able to read or ride a bicycle. Denmark is a rich country – also in culinary terms. We have amazing produce and meat and strong local culinary traditions. We need to safeguard and share these values to make sure that quality ingredients and knowledge are within reach for everyone.

The People’s Food House aims to inspire more people to cook for themselves and to take responsibility for what we put into our bodies. We pursue this mission through cooking classes, teambuilding events and catering and by developing homemade products that give new consumers a taste of our traditional heritage.

 We want to pass on knowledge about nutrition, quality ingredients and cooking, especially to children. That promotes quality of life in several regards and fosters future generations who are able to cook from scratch. We believe that it is possible to go far with inspiration and knowledge – because once children have tasted a freshly dug up potato that they helped pull out of the ground and prepare in the kitchen, they might understand why the potato is such a key regional ingredient that we should cherish. We also hope to help the children discover why seasonal Danish vegetables are so unique, with a flavour that they won’t find all year round.

We want to demonstrate that if we pull together we can give everyone, regardless of their personal resources, the ability to prepare and eat quality food. Therefore, we also develop pure homemade products at a price that most people can afford. Products where you can trace exactly where the meat was sourced, and which include nothing but pure ingredients and spices.


We are also passionate about traditional meat preparation methods, such as cold smoking, which enhances the flavour and keeps the salami from going dry. It was difficult to find the right smoke master to oversee the smoking of our salamis and bacon, because industrial methods have made the craft all but extinct. We need to act to protect these important methods and skills from being lost forever.

The mission that we have outlined above is comprehensive and complex, and we know that we are not going to achieve it overnight. But we are taking on the challenge for the sake of the coming generations. For the sake of our culinary culture. And for the sake of the amazing Danish meat and produce.

We also dream of setting up a retreat for chefs suffering from stress, hosting a summer camp for children and organizing a festival bus to bring the mission of the People’s Food House to every part of the country – dreams that we can hopefully make real together with the right partners.